Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 2022

“The Z Fold4 remains unmatched in productivity and multitasking.”

Be flexible with all others

With its 6.2-inch protective screen, a lot can be done with one hand1. The 7.6-inch home screen can be used with both hands, making it the ultimate device for doing more. 2 When you need to free your hands, just put it down, find a good angle and leave it there while more work is done.

cover screen

The wider aspect ratio lets your apps fill the screen comfortably, but still keeps keys within thumb reach for one-handed control.

Slim new try

It’s basically two phones in one – almost as heavy as a less flexible phone. Thinner everywhere except the screen, and the minimal bezels and lightweight materials make the Galaxy Z Fold4 even more portable.

smart finish

The unique shape is elegantly combined with natural and classic tones, and every unfolding will make people shine. Choose from grey-green, genie black or beige.


do more

Complete tasks with just a few taps. Add apps to your multitasking secret sauce taskbar to quickly navigate and bounce between windows when you’re at your best. 5 With app pairing, up to three apps can be launched with a single tap, all sharing one super-efficient screen.


Give your back button a break

Whether switching between texts or working on emails, take advantage of the extended home screen with multiple views. Keep your menus and more visible at a glance with One UI-optimized apps, allowing you to multitask faster and more efficiently on your smartphone.

write where you need

Touch the screen beyond your finger to incorporate the S Pen. 7 The strokes are natural and precise and feel as familiar as a pen on paper.

Lid with pen

Watch hands-free

Immersive vision

Immersive and impressive

Now you can actually enter the area. Push-back bezels on the stunning 7.6-inch Infinity Flex display plus a more camouflaged under-display camera mean a bigger screen with no black spots between you and your favorite games.

Enhance your big screen experience with an immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience and stereo speakers.

Holding the unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4 in both hands. The main screen shows the scene of the racing game. A sports car gallops down the highway with the dashboard overlaying the screen. The content is smooth.

Swipe through the newsfeed or swipe through the game, and everything runs smoothly on a display up to 120Hz. This refreshingly responsive screen even adjusts the refresh rate to optimize the view for you.

Collapse all your favorites into one device

Out of the box, the Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with a ton of tools to get your rig up and running. When you add third-party apps optimized for Multi View, you’ll unlock new levels of convenience with every click.

Incredible technology, unbreakable design

The first foldable device that can absorb water

Adventurous. When you have the world’s first waterproof foldable smartphone, you don’t have to worry about predictions.

Prepare for impact

Inside and out, the materials used in the Galaxy Z Fold4 are not only stunning, but also stand up to life’s bumps and missteps. From glass to metal, these are the toughest Samsung Galaxy foldable phones ever made.

Accidents can be forgiven

Sign up for a hassle-free Samsung Care+ to prevent accidental damage.

Your night becomes more flexible

The rear camera of the Galaxy Z Fold4, viewed from the bottom at an extreme angle.

multi-camera system

Standalone professional-grade camera

With an upgraded rear camera, spatial zoom, and Nightography, we’re bringing a pro-grade kit into a foldable form for the first time. 14 Show off your photography skills with new technology using the huge home screen as a viewfinder.

night photography

Shooting in the dark with different hit rates

When action-packed days turn into action-packed nights, details remain crisp after dark. Advanced OIS and VDIS smooth out video, while Super Night Solution limits noise—all for stunning low-light clips that need to be replayed.

It’s never too late for great portraits. The Galaxy Z Fold4’s rear camera uses innovative hardware and software that work together to bring more light to low-light photos. From dusk to dawn and beyond, the powerful processor intelligently boosts color and clarity in every photo.

high resolution

Nail detail

With the 50MP wide-angle camera, even quick snapshots are high-resolution masterpieces. Boost depth and clarity with Detail Enhancer to capture the best aspects of your photos and leave blur.

30x space zoom

Fold’s best zoom yet

Get a closer look with the 30x space zoom. The telephoto camera’s 3x optical zoom combined with super-resolution zoom brings you closer to the action than ever when folded.

camera essentials

Double preview

Let your subject play the creative director. Previews appear on the cover screen, giving them a chance to adjust and look their best before you shoot.

capture view

Capture View is like a photo monitor in your pocket, showing a preview of the photo you just took, so you can

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