Patreon confirms security team layoffs 2022

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Patreon confirms security team layoffs

Patreon has showed that it has fired 5 personnel from its protection team.

Emily Metcalf, a former senior security engineer at Patreon, said in a LinkedIn post on Thursday: “So for better or worse, me and the rest of the Patreon security team are no longer with the company.”

According to a tweet, Metcalf joined the company in November 2021. Metcalf couldn’t be reached for comment.

In a brief statement to TechCrunch, Patreon’s head of US policy, Ellen Satterwhite, confirmed the five layoffs but declined to answer our questions, or say how many employees she had on the security team before the layoffs. Satterwitt did not dispute that the entire staff was fired.

Satterwit did not say why Patreon fired its security engineers, but added that the company is working with outside organizations to “develop our security capabilities and conduct regular security assessments.”

Following the news of the layoffs, security professionals across the industry began posting lists of open jobs for those who had lost their jobs at Patreon.

Thousands of technology jobs have been lost in the tech industry this year, including cyber security, partly due to over-hiring and corporate mismanagement.

Patreon is a site that allows content creators to offer monthly paid subscriptions to their customers in exchange for a 5-12% cut.

Founded in 2013, the business enterprise says it has 250,000 creators on its platform. In 2015, Patreon showed a records breach related to the non-public facts of its customers.

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