7 Best Ways to Increase Your YouTube AdSense CPCs

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7 Best Ways to Increase Your YouTube AdSense CPCs

In the previous article, we discussed what YouTube AdSense earnings are, now we will see the 7 best ways to increase your AdSense CPC (cost per click).

Everyone has different goals when it comes to becoming a YouTube content creator. Few of them use YouTube for passion, time passing, and other reasons. But the main goal of over 70% of YouTubers is to earn passive income from YouTube.

Only a few can do this. So, to break down that stuff, we bring this article to you.

In this article, learn what cost-per-click is, the 7 best ways to increase your AdSense CPC, and some extra bonus tips. Okay, enough nonsense, let’s get to the point.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click. In short, the amount an advertiser is willing to pay each time an ad is clicked. How much an advertiser is willing to pay per click depends on what they are willing to do.

It is different for each advertisement and advertiser. For example, suppose Advertiser X is prepared to pay $1 per click and Advertiser Y is prepared to pay $2 per click. Therefore, it is the advertiser’s decision to determine the CPC.

Ok, let’s move on to how to win high CPC.

The 7 Best Ways to Increase Your AdSense CPCs

You need to pay more attention to getting high CPC ads. So, let’s go one by one.

find your niche

What is your channel niche? First of all, a niche is what your channel is about. Many You Tubers give up early on due to not picking the right channel niche. Remember, your channel is your brand.

I suggest you choose your passion as a niche. After that, look at other channels related to your niche. Maybe they are your competitors. Finally, analyze your competitor channel and see how that channel ranks and how much they earn.

Here is a list of some high paying YouTube niches,





There are a lot more

Choose the right keywords

If you’ve been in the YouTube world for this long, you realize the power of keywords. Optimized keywords are used to rank your channel high on YouTube. But keywords can also increase your CPC.

Therefore, when choosing keywords, also consider the CPC of keywords. Based on the keywords you use; high CPC ads will be displayed on your channel videos.

There is more emphasis on choosing the right keywords, and there are plenty of keyword finder tools available for choosing high-volume and low-competition keywords.

Target audience

Depending on the geographic  location. If your target audience is from the United States, you will get high CPC ads compared to other countries.

Therefore, choosing your audience is also important to get high CPC ads. Other countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and India also have high CPC ads.

Allow ad blocking

There are many ad networks available in Google AdSense. In other hands, most of them are low CPC ads. This affects and reduces your channel revenue.

Therefore, you must block useless ads. You can set it up in your AdSense account by following the instructions below,

There you’ll find the  Ad Networks tab. You can see many ad networks. Try to allow ad networks with a good CPC and it must be relevant to your niche.

Just in case, if you have a food-related channel, try to choose a food-related ad network. Therefore, it can significantly increase channel revenue.


Choosing the best niche will give you an audience, but the content on your niche will only help you retain your audience. Provide the best content and get the best response. You have heard the saying that content is king. Yes, this is true.

Also, please avoid using any abusive or hurtful words in your videos, as this can significantly reduce your ad exposure and earnings.


YouTube requires a high level of consistency from YouTube users. Uploading a video and then giving up for a month is not a good thing for a You Tuber.

I recommend that my readers upload at least one video per week. For example, if you upload videos on Thursdays, try to stick to every Thursday because the YouTube algorithm considers channel-level consistency as a ranking factor.

Also, your subscribers/regular viewers wait for the next video on a certain date. It will heighten the audience’s curiosity. So always be consistent with what you do.

Avoid Copyright Content

What you upload must be yours. Stealing someone’s content can lead to issues of copyright infringement. YouTube will suspend your channel if you receive 3 copyright strikes.

Any content obtained or downloaded directly from Google may become the property of someone else. If you want to add music, use YouTube’s free audio library. So, the rule is don’t copy from someone else.

I told you to use high CPC keywords. But you may ask how to get high CPC keywords. That’s why Keyword Tool is here.

It helps to bring you the CPC of the keyword you are searching for as well as the competition level of the keyword.

In summary

As I said before, the combination of all the above factors can improve the growth of your channel and increase your CPC. Try to stick to these points throughout. Soon, you will see better results.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got useful information from it.

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