What is IOSAT?

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What is IOSAT?

IOSAT is used to skinny mucus and unfasten congestion with inside the chest and throat. This medicinal drug is utilized in humans with respiratory issues that may be complex with the aid of using thick mucus, which includes asthma, persistent bronchitis, or emphysema.

IOSAT is used throughout a nuclear radiation emergency to dam radioactive iodine from getting into your thyroid gland. For this purpose, the medication is normally taken most effectively as soon as or twice.

Before taking this medicinal drug

You must now no longer use IOSAT in case you are allergic to iodide or iodine.

You might not be capable of using IOSAT for publicity to nuclear radiation when you have: thyroid nodules and coronary heart issues; dermatitis herpetiformis (During disease, itchy pores, and skin rash not unusual place with celiac disease); or

Irritation  of the small blood vessels (hypocomplementemia urticarial vasculitis, or HUV) that reasons episodes of hives, itching, burning, and painful pores and skin sores.

IOSAT is utilized in kids most effective throughout a nuclear radiation emergency. Do now no longer supply IOSAT to a toddler without clinical advice.

IOSAT can reason thyroid issues in each mom and toddler while used throughout pregnancy. However, the advantage of taking this medicinal drug to guard your thyroid against nuclear radiation publicity a long way outweighs any dangers of thyroid harm.

Any pregnant or breastfeeding girl or toddler who takes IOSAT must have their thyroid feature checked after the use of this medicinal drug. Seek hospital therapy as quickly as viable.

If you’re breastfeeding, inform your physician in case you note pores and skin rash, muscle weakness, yellowed pores and skin, respiratory issues, feeding issues, or uncommon crying with inside the nursing toddler.

How must I take IOSAT?

Follow all guidelines on your prescription label and examine all medicine publications or education sheets. Use the medication precisely as directed.

Take with meals or milk if IOSAT upsets your stomach.

Measure  liquid medicinal drugs with the provided measuring device (now no longer a kitchen spoon). Mix the liquid with water, fruit juice, or milk earlier than before taking it.

For thinning mucus with inside the chest and throat, IOSAT is normally taken three to four instances every day. Follow your physician’s dosing commands very carefully. Use this medicinal drug most effectively so long as had to get exceptional outcomes.

For thyroid safety after nuclear radiation publicity, take the medication as quickly as viable after being advised with the aid of using public officers. If you’re advised to take the 2nd dose, wait at least 24 hours when you took the primary dose. Use the most effective as many doses as public officers inform you. Taking greater of this medicinal drug will now no longer make it paintings higher or faster, and can grow the hazard of facet effects.

Follow all guidelines while giving this medicinal drug to a toddler throughout a nuclear emergency. Doses are primarily based totally on weight in kids and teenagers.

This medicinal drug can affect the outcomes of positive clinical tests. Tell any physician who treats you that you are the use of IOSAT.

Store at room temperature far from moisture, heat, and light.

IOSAT liquid may also crystallize if it receives bloodless. To clean the crystals, shake the liquid or permit it to attain room temperature. Do now no longer use if the liquid has grown to become brown or yellow. Call your pharmacist for brand spanking new medicinal drug.

IOSAT facet effects

Get emergency clinical assistance when you have symptoms and symptoms of an allergic reaction: hives rash; fever, swollen glands, joint pain; wheezing, tough respiratory, problem swallowing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

High doses or long-time period use of potassium iodide may also reason iodine poisoning. Tell your physician when you have signs and symptoms which include burning in your mouth or throat, a metal taste, teeth or gum pain, drooling, intense headache, bloodless signs and symptoms (stuffy nose, sneezing) eye irritation, or intense pores and skin rash.

What different pills will affect IOSAT?

Tell your physician approximately all of your different medicines, especially: lithium;   a diuretic or “water pill”; an “ACE inhibitor” coronary heart or blood strain medicinal drug–benazepril, captopril, enalapril, fosinopril, lisinopril, moexipril, perindopril, quinapril, ramipril, trandolapril.

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